SBR Rubber Flooring

SBR rubber granules

SBR is granulated rubber that comes from recycled tyres. It is extremely resistant and it has the highest volume of production of any synthetic material in the world. The main uses of SBR rubber are, above all, related to the installation of the base for shock-absorbent floors and pavements as well as serving as a solution for filling in artificial turf. Along with the EPDM polymer and polyurethane resin, SBR is one of the three main products manufactured at Fairmont Polymers Resources.

Children’s flooring and sports flooring with SBR

Characteristics of the SBR rubber granules

We distribute different grain sizes which adapt to the many demands of our clients.

Qualities of the SBR flooring

SBR is the cheapest sub-layer material. It can have slight variations seeing as it is a recycled material. It is extremely resistant.



The granules are used as a base layer in shock-absorbent floors. When mixed with polyurethane resin, it demonstrates important flexibility and shock-absorbing properties. It is added to a layer of EPDM (also mixed with polyurethane resin) to form play flooring of varying thicknesses.

It is also a material used as an economic solution when filling in artificial turf, for which it offers the correct properties. The strong smell which it gives off in high temperatures is a disadvantage for doing sport.

In other areas, SBR rubber is also used for covering small to medium sized tyres, for footwear, for transportation or transmission belts, and for moulded items.



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